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Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_DBSET20CASE
Designed for Gym or Commercial use, dumbbells are standard size with spiral lock collars. Carry case included. All of the weights are made in cast iron which allows exceptional durability. Dumbbells are chrome plated with spiral lock collars...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_WPSCONC25
Take your standard GS6 / SS2 Gym Stations to a whole new level with a 25kg Weight Stack Addon. Upgrade the standard 78kg to a massive 103kg weight stack, a must have for those looking to progress further...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_CSST-WPSTGSET-D
Our Cast Iron Standard Weight Set Plates are extremely strong, and will last a lifetime. Don't settle on cheap cement or sand weights that will crack...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_POWERBAGRACK5
Our 5-Tier Power Bag Rack will help store your Power Bags or other weights conveniently...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_CSST-WPSECSET-F
Our Cortex 25mm Standard Sized EnduraCast Weight Plates are encased with strong, durable PVC coating, built to last time and time again for your workouts. Make your training count with a versatile weight set that includes a barbell and combined 65kg of weight plates...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_ADCR-TMT19X
Designed for progressive home cardio, the T-19x’s NRG cushioning technology minimises wear on the joints; absorbing each strike to strengthen your workouts.GENERALSpeed0.5 to 20km/hMotor4.0 HP MotorSuspensionNRG Cushioning Technology8x ElastomersRunning SurfaceOrthopaedic running belt1520mm x 510mm ..
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_DBADJUSTSTAND
Keep your room tidy with the Adjustable Dumbbell Stand...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_KBADJUST10KG
Find a huge variety of cardio and functional strength exercises with the Cortex 10kg Adjustable Kettlebell. One small package is all you need to bring extensive kettlebell training into your home. Our adjustable kettlebell offers 7 possible unique weights between 2 and 10kg. Ergonomically de..
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_TMAPEX
Speed 1.0 to 18km/hMotor 3.25 CHP EverDrive® H6 MotorSuspension ShockControl™ Advanced Cushioning SystemRunning Surface DuraGrip® AS Belt1400mm x 510mm (L x W)Incline 0 to 18 Levels Automatic InclineBelt Width 510mmMax User Weight 160kgHeart Rate Reading Hand Pulse Sensors (EKG)..
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_BENCHBN6-SET
Get your gym set up with the Cortex BN6 Bench, the foundation for any home gym. Six levels of adjustment from decline and flat to incline takes you through 90 degrees of range. Further adjustment can be made in the seat height for greater specificity. With a dip and a chin-up attachment incl..
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_BENCHBN6CUP
Transform your bench into the ultimate compact home gym station. Add chin-ups, the king of back exercises, to your workout with the Cortex BN6 bench chin-up attachment. The chin up attachment is installed by quickly sliding them into the rear tube behind the seat...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_BENCHBN6DIP
Blast your upper body muscles with the Cortex Dip Attachment for the BN6 Adjustable Bench. The Dip is an intense workout that targets a huge range of muscles, especially your chest and triceps. Increase the versatility of your home gym by investing in the dip attachment...
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